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Christian Weddings in Granbury: Abundant Life Community Church

Granbury, Texas, August 25, 2017 – Granbury Christian Weddings is now open as a non-denominational wedding service led by the Pastoral team at Abundant Life Church. The services are Christian and affordable—for people of all backgrounds.

It’s interesting how Granbury Christian Weddings started. The founders spent months doing market research and discovered most Christians desire an affordable religious Christian wedding that focuses on Love and Christ.

The top reasons why people choose a certain wedding venue are fulfilled by Granbury Christian Wedding—Excellence, Convenience, Faith, and Affordability. At Granbury Christian Weddings, they strive to provide all four. They aim to provide an excellent and convenient service that is faith-based and affordable. Seating is up to 60 people. A small reception area is also available.

Granbury Christian Weddings are performed in a real Church and they serve you and your wedding dreams with real pastors and ministers. They serve all Granbury and Hood County Texas.

Call or text today 702-241-1977. Email Granbury Christian Weddings will provide a marvelous wedding in a small Granbury Church that truly has God in it. Starting at $199 and up. Many people comment that you get the best Bible-based wedding in Granbury at Granbury Christian Weddings.

The Wedding Chapel, church offices and bookstore are located a few blocks from the Granbury Square and their phone number is 682-498-3031.

Contact: Donna Robinson
Tel: 817-710-4174
For media queries, please contact:
Donna Robinson



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