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A wonderful day – your wedding day in Granbury, Texas. Granbury Christian Weddings offer a spiritual and economic team that provides a wedding of Joy, Excellence and Love … there are no words. The Energy … the Atmosphere … the Experience. It’s like a Dream.

Love is there and God affirms your Joy!

It goes to say that Granbury Christian Weddings offers the best wedding service at the best prices. We are faith-based and we are affordable. One client described our prices as an answer to prayer. One thing I can absolutely promise you … You won’t be disappointed with your wedding day.

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At Granbury Christian Weddings we strive to provide all four. We aim to provide an excellent and convenient service that is faith-based and affordable.

We are a real Church and we are here to serve you and your wedding dreams with real pastors and ministers. We serve all Granbury and Hood County Texas.

Call or text today 702-241-1977. Email We will provide a marvelous wedding in a small Granbury Church that truly has God in it. From $199 and up.

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